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Sense Response Cycle Framework

It’s common knowledge that the pace of change continues to accelerate. We need only look to the rate at which leading edge technologies quickly become mainstream and then, just as quickly become obsolete.

Businesses and business units must change in concert with the industry evolution. It they change too quickly, they waste resources. Worse yet, if they change too slowly, the business becomes irrelevant.

The success of any business is inevitably found in the answer to the forward-looking question, “Can you stay relevant to your customer base as it evolves?”

In order to stay relevant, managers must operate in an ongoing cycle of sensing changes and responding to them.

We call this cycle the Sense-Response Cycle.

Using this cycle as our framework we give managers the tools they need to adapt more quickly and effectively to the changes around them.

We show how the cycle relates to your role.
We assess how well you operate within this cycle.
We provide tools to strengthen your skills in each phase.

(Scroll over each phase of the cycle (Goals, Sense, Make Sense, Decide, Act) to see the topics addressed in each phase.)